Why did America turn gay?

Can anyone tell me why?

Or, are you reading this for me to break it down for you?

If your search engine search brought you here, you may not have been one of the over a thousand people who read this previous blog about ‘why is everyone turning gay.’

About 150 years ago, Humanism began moving into our Universities and our schools.

Sometime before 1950, someone figured out that if they took control of our teaching institutions the pen was truly mightier than the sword when you controlled the grading pen.

One of my professors was a true Humanist, he and I used to discuss this back in 1985. I thought he was insightful, and as he often said, “I teach here because I would not survive in a real institution, I am lazy. But, here, they think I am like a god, because I published a book. At a real institution, I would have had to publish ten books to survive. One book is easy. Even I could do that.”

He did not have a great respect for what was ‘called academia.’

Looking back, I understand why. He was a genuine Atheist, or Agnostic. Like most people coming from what had been the Soviet Union, he had a spiritual aspect to his life, but he was not a ‘believer.’

We would discuss why people would attack a ‘god they do not believe in.’ That is stupid, it is illogical.

I agree.

But, what happened was a group of crazy American Atheists (most were actually Agnostic) took control of our education and they re-defined education.

Education went from ‘challenging authority’ to ‘destroying authority’ and finally to ‘we are the new authority, don’t you dare challenge us.’

Then they began the next phase, and they indoctrinated our students with ‘rights’ and ‘freedoms’ which had nothing to do with what America was founded for.

But, once you change history, what you indoctrinate students with quickly overshadows truth, and the new lie becomes the ‘established’ truth.

America turned gay, because we were programmed to believe a new lie.

The old truth tells us family is about a man and a woman raising children.

The new lie tells us any two people can be married, and they should be able to adopt children.

Even though this new lie violates the First Amendment Freedom of Religion, our government is forcing Christian schools, churches, and adoption agencies to violate our religion and discriminate for homosexuals.

As I wrote in my previous blog, this was prophesied by the Apostle Paul. He wrote the result of turning away from God is a culture turning homosexual.

Romans chapter one.

There is a blessing and there is a curse. We are living in a cursed day and age.

But, the new lie took control, and they told us that the traditional ways were lies.

And now people believe that.

And thousands of people look for the truth and stumble upon my blog.

I do not want you to be ignorant. You can disagree with me, and the Bible, and all of God’s Prophets; but I do not want you to go away thinking the modern ‘lie’ is the truth. Homosexuality is not a normal way of life.

That does not mean you should hate homosexuals. God forbid that. You cannot hate men you have known, or women, and love God. The Apostle John was very clear about that.

John was clear during a different time, when people were trying to re-write the story of Jesus Christ. They were trying to make Jesus ‘a god’ for all religions and not just the God of Christianity.

And John was clear to them, and for us. Jesus is the living God in Flesh. We must love our fellow man in order to love Jesus. 1 John 2: 3, 4, 5; and 10, 11. And also 1 John 4: 20

We as Christians must continue to love our enemies.

But, as a Christian, I must also tell those who are enemies of our Jesus Christ that Jesus does not want you to separate yourself from God by your actions.

Do not follow the new lie of the new world, it is the same old lie that was used in ancient times.

Any time we re-write what God has written, we are separating ourselves from God.

And America has begun turning Gay, because America began separating from God. You cannot turn from God and turn to God at the same time.

And that is why America turned Gay.

That is my First Amendment view, the same view held by George Washington and most of the Founders and Framers of America.

I do not want traditional marriage and traditional families to die. Do you?



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