God save America!


I just had a remarkable evening with my translator.

My girlfriend was at church tonight for choir practice, so I see her tomorrow.

It is always fun to see how someone views America when they haven’t been there.

They have an idolized view of what it is like.

Everyone has a great job with a lot of money. They all have a great family with beautiful kids (3.47 kids to be exact). Sometimes they have a dog and a cat.

Mom doesn’t work, she stays at home.

And everybody is happy.

Then you tell them 50% of our children get food subsidies from the Government, because 50% of our kids only have a mother at home.

And they look at you like, “Are you crazy? That is NOT the America of my dreams.”

And I answer, “No. America is not the land of your dreams. We have better paying jobs, but our cost of living is a lot higher, so we consume that extra money instead of saving it. And we do not have a high regard for family, teachers, priests. And we have a high regard for our corrupt politicians.”

To which my friend tonight said, “Isn’t that backwards?”

Yes, I pray we will turn things around to the way they used to be. Yes, I pray America will one day become a great land for many great dreamers. Yes, I pray we won’t go bankrupt paying for single mothers to raise kids instead of making fathers raise their kids.

God save America.



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