Why Progressives hate being called Socialists.

I don’t know if you have ever noticed, but American Socialists like being called ‘Progressive,’ and they hate being called the Socialists they are.

For a long time, I thought it was because their form of Socialism is really Fascism.

But, being in the Former Soviet Union, I now realize the greater reason for their hatred of their heritage. I realize how simple the answer really is.

You see, when I thought they were merely hiding from their version of Fascism, it was easy to think they were re-defining themselves as Progressive rather than Fascist because of the evil Fascism did.

But, now, I live in a former Socialist country. And I see what is left of socialism daily.

You see, Socialism failed. It failed as National Socialism, Fascism, and it failed as the People’s Socialism, Communism. And it has partially failed in the other People’s Socialism, China as well.

Being here, I see the failure. I see what it did to the people over time. It stole their hope of the future.

Oh, they still believe there is a hope somewhere, but they do not believe it will ever be ‘here.’

The here I live in was one of the great Empires of the World.

The here stopped Genghis Khan and the centuries of his ancestors (they converted to Islam).

They were stopped by the cradle of modern atheism, and modern communism.

This area, these people, have suffered great tragedy in their history. The only period of peace was under the Soviet Union.

The last one thousand years brought 950 years of war. Most of that war was preventing the Muslim hordes as they invaded over and over. But, most of the recent history was stopping Europeans from invading, over and over, and over again.

Socialism failed.

Most of the great Socialists were from here. And the ones who were not from here, were from real close to here. Real close. As in Dallas to Denver, not Dallas to Los Angeles.

Socialism has always failed.

The reason behind those failures is not the reason for this blog post.

But, the reason Progressives hate their own history and re-define themselves as ‘Progressive’ rather than Socialist is simple: Socialism has always failed.

Just as they force everyone else to re-define marriage, they re-define themselves, over and over.

When their Progressive Socialism fails, they will come up with a new name.

They will re-write history so that their connections to the great failures of the current era are erased.

Just as they erased their connection to the KKK, NAZI’s, eugenics, racism, and all the other social ills they have done.

Especially their invasion of the Catholic Priesthood and the rape of millions of young men.

Look at the politics which accompanied the invasion of the Catholic Church.

You will see Socialism, Communism, Freedom Fighters, Alinsky, Trotsky, and dozens of other names associated with the failures of their era.

And like all great ‘organizers,’ the Progressives hate failure. And they are using their great propaganda machine to re-write their failures into only victories.

Just as they erased their responsibility for the rape of children by their Gay Priesthood in the Catholic Church.

Just as they blame ‘homophobes’ for the rape of Gays.

I think I have said this before, and I haven’t written this on my blog, I should have. And I will write it now.

Only Gay men sodomize men.

They hate their failures. And I can understand that. I can finally understand their motivation to hide and re-write their past.



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2 Responses to Why Progressives hate being called Socialists.

  1. Reading that weird transition from your political position to your thoughts on rape was such an unexpected turn of topic I actually started laughing out loud. If you think only gay men sodomize other men, I sincerely hope you never have reason to visit anyone who’s in prison. Perhaps it’s different where you live. Socialism sure did fail there, but it seems to be thriving in Scandinavia and the Netherlands, and in partial contexts (like health care and banking) in many other places including the UK and Germany. Likewise democracy works better in some countries than in others. It’s not working too well in Egypt and India.

    I’m probably a progressive, at least I might be if I cared that much about the specific boundaries of politics. I don’t care what people who don’t know me label me though. Never give it a second thought. I also don’t care how others vote either, as long as they are trying to live ethically. The goals others choose to pursue don’t have to be the same as mine.

    • Wayne says:

      Great comment! I am glad I made you laugh.

      I hope neither of us are ever in jail …. I wouldn’t want you to experience what others choose to pursue.


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