Am I a bigot for believing in Jesus?

Some of you may believe that.

But, am I the bigot? Or are those who attack Christianity the bigots?

I tolerate gays, and I tolerate those within the gay agenda.

But, many within the gay atheist agenda do not tolerate me.

Bigotry is hate and intolerance directed against someone.

As a Christian I am very tolerant.

I met a new Muslim yesterday in Ukraine. A very beautiful young woman, she has become enchanted with the opulence of Turkey. She has escaped from ‘Christian’ Ukraine to her ‘new religion.’

Every time I quoted the Bible, she mumbled the Arabic phrase ‘haram,’ forbidden by Islamic law.

Isn’t that interesting?

Just as Americans have turned to the new religion of Atheism and the Gay agenda, she has turned to the slightly older religion of Mohamed. And the groups say Christianity is wrong, and they are right.

Intolerance of the Christian world view is bigotry. Not only has Judeo-Christian though guided a large portion of the human population for 4500 years, but it is a major religion and is protected by the true First Amendment. Which guarantees Government, including Supreme Court Judges, will tolerate Christianity.

But, just like the Turkish slaughter of millions of Christians did not happen, the intolerant today claim they are not intolerant of my point of view.

I believe in Jesus.

Jesus is not ‘haram’ to me. Instead, Jesus is the law of God. I love even the gay of our day.

But, I let the gay of our day know that their way is not God’s way.

They get to choose which way they will live.

Which way do you live? God’s way or man’s way?



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