Veterans Affairs parodies Patton in video


Many people are complaining about this video. Personally? I did not find it that offensive.

Not the best actor, but who would you expect government parasites to hire?

OK, sorry about that jab.

The overall tone of the TWO videos was intended to motivate the VA employees to hire quality workers to work with and respect the Veterans.

(TWO videos – yes, most people did not notice the opening of the FIRST video mentioned the first video was only half of the total 15 minute playing time …. )

Veterans Affairs Parody of Patton for $52,000

OK, this was done by the VA. Remember the AVERAGE wage for government employees is OVER $100,000 (CBS News reports high government wages.

Ironically, CBS and others then go on to JUSTIFY the high wages of Government employees compared to the civilian sector.

OK, this was a video by and for the VA. They have a slightly skewed view of the world. They believe everyone is doing better than they are, and they deserve the conference.

These are not government workers from the 1960’s and 1950’s. My Uncle and his wife earned two salaries, he was Federal Government, and she was a private school teacher. They could comfortably afford a three-bedroom, one bath, one car garage home and one car. They did not vacation or live lavishly.

That is not the lifestyle of the government workers today.

Viewed in light of the current culture, I felt the video was not great, but not bad.

What do you think?


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