Norway’s liberals are STUPID.


I realize liberals do not like to execute their liberal friends. Yes, they would rather say that it is a criminal’s childhood that leads to bad behavior.

Breivik deserved the death penalty. He did not deserve a light sentence. Norway Killer Anders Breivik.

Liberalism is DANGEROUS.

The progressive attitude that we will ‘evolve and become better’ is STUPID.

Without moving this discussion into Christianity versus Atheism, I must mention Christianity explains how evil came into humanity. Atheism does not explain the evil it encourages.

Back to Norway.

It is stupid of the government to say it represents the people. It is stupid to believe that the people, including Breivik, believe Breivik deserves any penalty other than DEATH.

How does a government fail and PRODUCE a man like Breivik and not take responsibility for their failure? How does a government continue to fail the people? How does a failed government look into the eyes of their people and THINK THEY still DESERVE to lead those people?

Does anyone understand them?



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5 Responses to Norway’s liberals are STUPID.

  1. The death penalty is inhuman and it dehumanises all of us. The guy you mention does not deserve to be named, he should never be named, this gives the people the infamy that they crave. He should have been arrested, tried in camera and put away, never to see freedom again. I find it incredible that the world sees fit to make people like him and (Chapman) Lennon’s murderer, famous. The media plays right into their hands.

    As for governments creating these monsters, well we get the governments that we deserve. If more people would take responsibility and get involved in public life, collectively we might make the world a better place.

    As for your attack on atheism, I am sorry but it is religion that is the threat to humanity. People have been slaughtering innocents in the name of religion for millennia. Every atheist I know simply wants to be left alone to enjoy a peaceful life.

    It’s good to debate these issues and I like your blog. Blogging should be about opinions and reasoned argument. Thanks again for posting. Greetings from Thailand. K

    • Wayne says:

      Hello Thailand!

      How is the weather? Are you getting rain from the typhoon?

      Thank you for your comment. We disagree on this. I do not see executing evil people as ‘dehumanizing.’

      Did you forget Pol Pot’s example of Atheism?

      And, Mao’s?


      Stalin, Lenin, Adolf? I guess Adolf might have been an animist.

      Are you enjoying Thailand for us?


  2. limey says:

    Breivik’s actions were as a result of his extremist views. Extremism is the opposite of liberalism.

    • Wayne says:


      Always good to hear from you.

      How is liberalism the opposite of extremism? By definition, liberalism should be the extreme opposite of traditional.

      Shouldn’t it be?


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