Food poisoning in Japan, or America?


I read an article saying the Japanese were alarmed at 3 deaths from food poisoning.

So, I took a look.

It seems this is the largest recent outbreak in Japan: food poisoning.


That is considered an ‘outbreak?’

Welcome to America version 2.0 beta.

Internet grocery article. They claim 14 die each day, over 4,000 a year.

New York times reports 3,000 die each year in USA.

Take your pick:

5,000 people getting sick is a reason for concern in Japan.

Or, 48,000,000 getting sick is NOT a concern in America.

Politicians outsourced OUR Jobs, OUR soldiers, OUR lives, and OUR FOOD.

What is next?

OUR Freedom of Speech and Religion?

I forgot. They are taking that already.



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