Obama! This is gay hate!


The hate from the other side of traditional family values is INSANE. It is not logical, nor is it sane.

CNN on hate shooting.

Making some crimes into hate crimes was supposed to stop this kind of immoral behavior. And we were told that it was ‘normal’ people who hated on the abnormal people.

But, it IS THE OTHER WAY around.

I do not like the gay agenda, I hate the agenda. But, as a Christian, I love the person. I do not condemn them for being human, I condemn their behavior and actions.

Murder is evil.

Raping children is evil.

Seducing children or adults is evil.

If you want to be abnormal, then do so on your time. Leave America out of your deviant behavior.

And quit shooting people, unless you shoot yourself. Self-defense is one thing. Going around shooting people, because you are a hateful heterophobe is EVIL.

Mr. Obama start tearing down these walls your agenda has built in our country between Americans.



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