Al-Qaeda planned aerial bombs.


In the latest phase of international terrorism, Al-Qaeda planned aerial bombs. They were building model airplanes into bombs. Much like the US is doing with our strikes in Pakistan against them.

But, our weapons are more accurate. And we are not targeting civilians.

I still do not understand how Obama and his team have become so ‘good’ at targeting terrorists in Pakistan, but so bad in Afghanistan.

We have boots on the ground in Afghanistan. We have allies in Afghanistan. The people mostly want us there. The small minority of the terrorist groups want to kill us.

How are we able to get the ‘intel’ to conduct strikes within Pakistan? How are we able to kill the enemy and not civilians? And we cannot do the same in Afghanistan?

Data on the air-strikes in Pakistan.

That is a different blog story.

We built thousands of mosques to buy friends, and still we don’t seem to have very many friends. Maybe we should re-build the thousands of Churches destroyed by our allies instead ….

How is it that the Taliban are still able to operate? Who is breeding the hate?



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