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Every now and then our Government makes claims that I just CANNOT believe.

The Air Force is testing a new technology. It has launched several ‘scram-jet’ aircraft as they test this technology. They claim the new ‘jet’ is for transporting people anywhere in the world in under about an hour.


They claim it will not be used as a missile.

But, the multi-million dollar aircraft are being launched and then crashed, ‘because it would cost too much to recover them.’

Am I the only one who thinks that sounds like a surface-to-air-missile instead of an airplane?


CNN Security Clearance

By Mike Mount, CNN Senior National Security Producer

Perhaps Han Solo said it best in Star Wars when, describing his hyper-fast smuggling spaceship the Millennium Falcon, he said, “It may not look like much, but it’s got it where it counts.”

While the Air Force might take exception to being likened to the Falcon, in reality the platypus-nosed X-51A Waverider hypersonic flight test vehicle really doesn’t look like much. But it definitely has it where it counts.

On Tuesday, the unmanned 25-foot-long vehicle will be dropped off of the wing of a converted B-52 bomber off the California coast and try to fly for 300 seconds at science fiction-like speeds of Mach 6, over 4,500 mph — fast enough to fly from New York to London in less than an hour.

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