Will Obama take on the Queen?


As Obama topples country after country, because they are led by kings and dictators, how long till he tries to topple the queen?


It does make me wonder.

But, I really don’t think ‘his pay-grade’ is that high. To be honest, I think he is much closer to a private than to a leader of the ‘free world.’

OK, here is the Monarchy’s webpage. That page is about the Monarchy at the London Olympics.

But, honestly, if our State Department has been given orders to topple monarchies, how long till they topple the big monarchies?

Brunei, England (actually the Commonwealth), Saudi Arabia, and one or two other important countries are ruled by monarchies.

Are we really about democracy at any cost? No matter what the cost?

That is what a government leach told me.

Will we take on the Realm? Almost 2 billion people call the Queen, Her Majesty. I gotta think we do not have a President who has that high of a ‘pay-grade.’

What do you think?



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