Why America is poor.


PBS Newshour just had a great report on ‘poverty’ in America.

The progressive propagandist kept saying that there are several million people who do not earn more than $6,000 a year.

The advocate for the people kept pointing out this did not include the $20,000 spent on each of those people under the welfare system.

Ironically, a grandma earning $8,000 a year from Social Security doesn’t get as much money out of that as a 14 year old girl getting pregnant to get paid ….

$20,000 per person. $2,000 per person would be a lot.

And that DOES NOT COUNT other payments made to the ‘poor.’

I believe, we are spending way too much per person to ‘help’ the ‘poor.’

$20,000 per year is greater than 9 out of 10 people world-wide. We are paying people to not work, more than 90% of the entire planet earn? Another blog discussing this.

I think it puts them in the top 3% …. I blogged about that earlier. Here. And here.

I think we are poor, because we encourage people to NOT work. And the elite send the jobs they COULD do to China ….

How does paying people to not work, work? When does it STOP?


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