How to solve America’s debt problem?


I can solve our debt problem in moments.

We could send someone back in time to stop Clinton from giving our jobs to China in return for a $10 million campaign contribution ….

Or, we can do some simple math.

48,000,000 times $20,000,000 is ONE TRILLION.

Putting 80% of those on ‘welfare’ would eliminate about one trillion dollars from out budget each year.

Then add a tax to the rich elitists …. I think we should tax Buffet and crew at 100% …..

Buffet, Obama, Gates, Soros and their elite friends should be given minimum wage jobs in place of their current over paid elite positions where they steal from the American people.

I know…. no chance of that.

But, we do need to go back to asking what ” ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.

Was he a Democrat?



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