OK, this blog CLAIMED to show some perverse reason LAX arrested the bloggers friend.

Then the blog purports to ‘show’ you the not so dangerous ‘outfit.’

Instead you get shown a series of deadly, or less than lethal, weapons.

I regret that I read this one.


A n j o u

Brass knuckles, brass monkeys, knucks, brass knucks, nuckles…anyway you put it, knuckle dusters make a bold statement.  Usually it’s the kind of statement that says “you really don’t want to mess with me in a dark alley.”  But when you hang them on the same necklace chain as a mini-harmonica and pair them with skinny jeans, summer loafers, and an American Apparel deep V, they really should tell a different tale.  Like perhaps that you enjoy functional jewelry or unique statement pieces or maybe even mobster memorabilia.  Mistakenly wear it to the airport, they take it away at security, slap of the wrist, and you move along, right?

Not so fast.

Apparently, the fine folks at LAX consider you a felon in possession of a deadly weapon and will arrest you on sight.

My friend wore this exact ensemble for his first flight to Seattle and was immediately cuffed and…

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