Reality TV – Judge Mathis


Have you ever noticed some of the CRAZY stuff people admit in ‘court?’

People admit to crazy things.


Why do they do the crazy things and expect other people to ‘accept’ their bad behavior?

Is it any wonder we have people trying to re-define marriage?


This woman was renting out her kids room. She was on subsided housing. During her defense against the woman suing her, her ‘witness’ admitted her kids lived there now.

Needless to say, he threw them out pretty quickly.

Why have we gotten stuck on CRAZY?

Is it all Hollywood? Is it all the progressive agenda?

Or, are we responsible for our own mistakes? Even more, are we all generating a culture of mistake?

Or, are there enough of us left to say, “They (they) are wrong. We are still living a proper life.”

How far gone are we? Are we as far gone as TV depicts?


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