Isn’t it ironic?

I gaze at the stars, and I think of the God who created the Universe.

The author of this post thinks God’s story is a myth.

How ironic. Someone gave Moses a story of Creation. That story stood for about 3,500 years.

Now we are told there is a new story.

The only difference between the stories?

One is caused by God. The other story is caused by chance.


The new story just ‘discovered’ the ‘God particle’ so they could make their story WORK.

I think that if there is any truth to the new story, then how did Moses get ‘His-story’ so accurate?

He was taught that two snakes got in a fight, and baby snake killed his mother. Then part of his mother became the human race and the other part became the Universe.

Moses wrote the only theory of creation that has stood more than 50 years ….

So, why do so many people attack the story Moses gave us?

Could they be jealous?


The Faustian Apprentice


With all the pollution, haze from chemtrails, and reflected light from our cities, we often fail to recognize the real significance of the SIZE of our VISIBLE universe (it is well possible that there is more out there, and that light has not yet reached us, 13.7 Billion Light Years away!).  Instead, we are left, often with barely a handful of stars and planets that are visible in the night sky.

Seeing only these, it becomes very easy to imagine ourselves the chosen creation of whatever god you wish to call upon.  It becomes easy to think ourselves unique and somehow important, relative to all we see around us.  We say to ourselves, “Behold my divine heritage!  I am to have dominion over all things of the earth!”  And as we run rampant, harvesting, extracting, and destroying, we content ourselves in the thought that somehow, all this will be magically…

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