When will America repent and encourage peace?


There has been another shooting, probably domestic terrorism. A gunman killed people at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin. CNN Report.

When will our leaders repent and lead America back towards peace?

When will the become responsible for their actions?

It is known that evil spawns evil. They know that radical social change also spawns evil.

So, why is our leadership ENCOURAGING all of this violence?

Blame the shooter?


But, what about the progressive movement? Why is their agitation ‘OK?’

America needs to HEAL!

We need less violent video games.

We need fewer WARS!

We need our government to QUIT building mosques – whatever happened to separation of church and state?

We need our government to quit encouraging terrorists around the world to destroy thousands of Christian churches each and every year!

Our leadership encourages the HATE …. and WE (Americans) pay the price in ‘treasure,’ and in our ‘blood.’

We need to repent and let God heal our land.

Do you think it is too late?



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