What about CHILDREN?


Whether we look at the progressive agenda and its push to destroy traditional marriage, or just turn on the TV and get shown yet another ‘gay’ kiss, cultural corruption is everywhere.

Progressives have used pressure from Hollywood, welfare to encourage girls to not get married, adultery, the media lies called ‘news,’ and now the gay agenda.

But, what about the children?

Children raised in traditional families have greatly reduced rates of criminal behavior, drug use, adultery, pornography abuse, drunk driving, and a myriad of other social ills.

All of these problems cost society MONEY. Our taxes are MUCH higher, and greedy politicians have less money to waste because of that.

But, if we know children are best served in the traditional family unit, isn’t attacking the traditional family unit an assault on our children?

Jesus said, “But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin ….”

Anyone hurting a child is WRONG.

But, now the argument is that we must protect the rights of special interest groups over the rights of children.

And that is why a handful of democracy advocates across northern Africa were given billions of dollars in aid and weapons. Their ‘rights’ were more important than the tens of thousands of children our government helped murder, displace, starve, and abuse.

Let the children grow up normal and traditional lives. Then if they want to choose to behave badly, we can let them have some grace and forgiveness. Or we can punish them if they are too violent.

But, let them grow up before they are targeted.

What do you think?



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