Curiousity landed


I am not sure I like the price tag, but Curiosity just landed on Mars.

Sadly, NASA has only released pictures of their shadow. I would have thought they would have had photos up by now.

Oh well, are you looking forward to the new pictures?

Do you like exploration?


I almost forgot: NASA MSL


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2 Responses to Curiousity landed

  1. limey says:

    Give it time. The initial pictures will only be low resolution ones to confirm landing and to minimise transmission time. Better quality images take longer to arrive and there will probably be some systems tests as well so I expect that data will take priority over higher resolution images.

    No doubt there will be some nice ones later today. I am certainly looking forward to them.

    • Wayne says:

      I am looking forward to them as well.

      I wouldn’t mind being on the fist Mars mission.

      How about you? If we could get rid of the crazy “g’s”?


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