How long can America afford our government?


If you noticed my post about wasteful democracy spending, did you notice HOW MUCH OUR GOVERNMENT IS PLANNING ON SPENDING?

I think it was 40 trillion dollars ….


Don’t you think?



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6 Responses to How long can America afford our government?

  1. bryandumas says:

    November 2012?

  2. bryandumas says:

    SImply put, big government means big spending. Once members of Congress promise pork to their constituents it is painfully difficult to pull it back. Reagan tried to starve government, but in the end it just swelled anyway. Solutions? Don’t know, but if I did, I’d be elected in a heartbeat.

    • Wayne says:


      There are only four solutions I am aware of.

      God causing a lot of heart attacks.

      Politicians doing the right thing.


      And number four.


      • bryandumas says:

        Heart attacks… we don’t need the help with that one.

        The odds of politicians doing the right thing is slim-to-none. One of the things I have always said to my students is that the only people in the U.S. who should not study history are politicians. There are too many corrupt rolemodels to emulate.

        Revolution is on its way. I am currently working on a post about America’s new boogeyman… ourselves.

      • Wayne says:

        I don’t worry about us.

        I worry about the puppet master.


        Can’t wait to read.

        You didn’t ask about number 4 ….

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