I found an insightful blog about faith and reason. And just when I thought the author would lose me, he found redemption.

What do you think?



I was thinking the other day about two groups of people (my age) that are passionate for Jesus.

Those two groups are: Intelligent or Relevant

Intelligent Group

These people love Jesus with all of their mind. They mainly read dead authors, they tend to be a bit more introverted (not saying you can’t be extroverted and intelligent), usually a bit out of touch with the culture, and love to sit back and talk theology.

Not sure if you’re in the intelligent group? If you think a # is what you use in front of numbers, then welcome to the intelligent group.

Relevant Group

These people love Jesus with all of their soul. They read the mainstream, popular Christian books out today, most are relational (not saying that some aren’t), they fit in the culture, they are passionate for social justice, and they love instagram (or anything that isn’t cool because…

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