Why is it ‘cool’ to hate on Christians?


Have you noticed the new internet craze?

It is ‘ok’ to call a Christian a bigot, and it is applauded under ‘Freedom of Speech.’

But, the same people forget, freedom of the presses was under the Freedom of Religion Clause, not the other way around.

Since they would not let me post on their blog (rather censorious don’t you think?) The other blog.

I ask you my friends, why is it ok to hate Christians?



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4 Responses to Why is it ‘cool’ to hate on Christians?

  1. libertyandbagels says:

    Whether it is cool and whether it is OK to hate Christians are two different things. Both are protected by the 1st amendment, but both are different things. It might be cool to hate on Christians the way that, around the world, it’s cool to hate on the USA. The USA is supremely powerful in many ways so it becomes cool to make fun of them. Christians are extremely strong in American society, therefore are possible to rip on. It’s why it’s politically incorrect to make fun of mentally disabled people. They can’t help it, and they aren’t strong.

    Is it OK to hate anyone? I’d say no.

  2. 6linda49 says:

    I think you are confusing being technically or legally correct with being biased towards folks that have found God. The uninformed resent others who think they have found the right answer. The mass of people cling to the idea that there is more than one way to God. God’s son states”No one comes to the father but by me. Argue if you want, but I am putting my faith in the one that died for me. It is never okay to hate someone because of what he believes. Folks just tend to fear, which leads to hate , what they don’t understand. God’s Word tells us that we will be persecuted ,so in a way they are fulfilling Bible prophecy .

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