Why do progressives hate women and children?


I blogged on this subject before, Will women ever be respected again?, and again here: Again, I ask, can’t we respect our women?

Why do progressives hate women and children?

Why do they use and abuse marriage for their children, but they want the rest of us to suffer?

Let me give you a little background.

It was about 1984, I was going to dinner with a beautiful young lady. I thought she had a fiance, but, she was beautiful. And I was enjoying being out with her.

We had a great dinner. The old German waitress (she was really FROM Germany, accent and all), kept telling us what a great couple we made together. She would smile a little, and I would just ENJOY the prospect.

We went dancing. She was teaching me how to ‘Two-step.’ The first dance went pretty good. The second song began to play and she fell apart and ran from the dance floor.

Strange. She ran back to our table.

I sat there with her and she cried. Finally she said, “You will hate me. You will just hate me when I tell you the truth.”

I am thinking, She still loves the jerk, and she is going to tell me she will go back to her fiance.

She tells me, “I am married. My husband abused me, so I left him and came here with friends of my family. He knows where I am. I called him last week.”

Talk about ruin a perfect date ….

Memories of the year before flooded back. I had taken a woman to a wife abuse shelter the year before. Terrible experience. I thought I would be attacked by an angry mob of women screaming, “HE”S a MAN!!!”

Fast forward the following week. My mother yells up the stairs at me, “Do you know this guy? He has been all over the news.”

I go down and on the ‘Breaking News,’ they are reporting about a Cheer Leader from my University. He had been shot to death at about midnight the night before.

He was taking a girl to a wife abuse shelter when her boy friend shot and killed them and then himself.

Abuse has been a sad part of relationships forever.

The huge difference?

We are no longer by our families. Our mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters do not ask, “Are you ‘OK?'”

We no longer have the support system that comes with family.

You no longer have a group of men taking the offender ‘out back.’


I really do miss those days. I remember my grandfather ‘having a conversation’ with a man who needed a little correction. That was just a conversation. But, I doubt he left any doubts in the man’s mind that he had better straighten up.

So, why do progressives want to take away the natural protections of the family and replace that with GOVERNMENT abuses?

I went to that wife abuse shelter.


And creepy.

WHY do they want to destroy the family and lie about the benefits?

I think it is best answered with one word at a time:



What do you think?

Why are we attacking our women and our children?



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