Why are homosexuals so heterophobic?


The Chick-Fil-A controversy has shown me how hetero-phobic the progressives are.

The President made a comment about his family and his religion. And then he and his business were attacked. Why shouldn’t a married man be proud of marriage? Why shouldn’t he be proud of his family, his wife, children, and his religion?

Why can’t I have my religion?

Why is my religion a target for hate and attacks?

The only answer is the hetero-phobic fears of homosexuals against marriage.

But, they tell us they want to re-define marriage to include them?

What do you think? Do you think they are confused?



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7 Responses to Why are homosexuals so heterophobic?

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  2. Wayne,

    Now, since you have eroded our conversation to banters of condescension and patronization, I refuse to entertain such rhetoric and idiocracy. I do not partake in redundancy, nor do I desire to resort to your level of attack and aggression against an individual I do not know – everybody deserves the benefit of doubt Wayne, even you.

    Wayne, for your information, I am an ordained Chaplain and I have a degree in theology – there is not very much about God or His Word you can teach me that I have not already studied in depth; however, when something new arises, I am open to His teachings. I interned with a National football team for two years and served as Associate Pastor for three years of a congregation of 300+.

    As sad as it is, there are just some people who refuse to accept the true meaning behind “Love thy neighbor.” I bid you adieu my friend, and may the few folks you reach who read your posts do so with a grain of salt and realize this is but one tarnished man’s perspective of a group of people he has chosen to generalize and ostracize.

    As a writer [you], and another writer [me] commenting on your style, I would think you would take what is said and address it with more concern, but allow me to assert, I do not have the right to judge you my friend, that is God’s right!

    Dane Ladwig

    • Wayne says:


      Your rhetorical skill does your credentials well.

      However, there is a difference between being critical and judgmental versus critiquing and discerning.

      I think you confused the two.

      I discern that many homosexuals abuse children and are allowed to offend under the guise of being ‘loving.’ There is nothing loving in allowing perpetrators to sin.

      If you wish to critique, then you are following the example our Lord laid out in Luke Chapter 6.

      However, when you become critical and use rhetoric rather than God’s word, you forget the rest of the passage: Luke 6:43-45.

      Jesus was clear for us to look for the fruit of the believer and the sinner. He NEVER asks us not to critique, he commanded us not to be critical. He commanded us to lead people away from sin, never did he command we tolerate sin.

      Remember, he took the whip into the temple.

      Be good brother,


  3. Wayne,

    Over time, I have noticed your posts. I have one question; why are you so homophobic? It’s apparent, Wayne! When someone is as passionate about a cause or belief, such as you display regarding homosexuality, there is most likely latent tendencies towards that persuasion – appearances. If you wish not to be associated with a gender or sexual class, why would you set yourself as the Aryan superiority against a peoples? You can effect more change from within, by embracing a peoples ideology. That does not mean you have to like it or love it, merely accept them as equals, which will get you further than the scorning and abrasive puritanical attitude. It is apparent you view homosexuals as lesser beings and you are wrong for that my friend. You have some good ideas and it seems a waste because people avoid you. Just a bit of advice, take it or leave it, for whatever it’s worth to you!

    Dane Ladwig

    • Wayne says:


      Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your challenge.

      First, you do not give an answer to my question: why are homosexuals so hetero-phobic? Why do they hate traditional marriage? Why do they hate me?

      Don’t I have rights?

      Second, God commands me to love the people, but to hate the sin. How do I work God and His law together with your desire for me to work within the homosexual agenda?

      How do I justify the two opposing world-views? Their view says God (the biblical one, not the straw-man) is hateful. And God says they are wrong.

      Third, you claim I can do more within the homosexual agenda.

      What would that look like?

      Should I look the other way while more children are raped in the ‘name’ of tolerance of the ‘gay agenda?’

      Should I ignore their hate?

      Should I join the opposition and LIE?

      What should I do? I know the truth.

      Why are we programmed to believe lies? Why are the elite trying to ‘evolve’ our culture into the progressive super-culture?


      PS: Why is ‘puritanical’ a ‘bad’ word?


      • Wayne,

        You bring up a plethora of issues, which I will attempt to address as respectfully and poignantly as possible. I believe my original message may have offered food for thought, but I do not recall issuing a “challenge”, semantics I suppose.

        To address your initial “question(s)”, Why are homosexuals so hetero-phobic? Why do they hate traditional marriage? Why do they hate me? Don’t I have rights?

        Wayne, your questions infer all homosexuals are “hetero-phobic, and all have an agenda against traditional marriage, and all hate Wayne. This is not only presumptuous of all homosexuals everywhere, but it also reflects the condition of a very abrasive individual who places all homosexuals in a category to suit his personal fears and beliefs. Akin to the way all bikers were viewed, and in some backwards circles still viewed, as no good, beer guzzling tattooed long-haired nomads who hold no regard for the human condition and would rather pillage a town and rape its woman inhabitants and kill the men and children just for fun. When in fact many (notice I did not say all) bikers are lawyers, doctors, authors, government employees, philanthropist, and regular folks who attend church (Christians) every Sunday morning.

        It’s all in the presentation!

        I understand about loving the people and hating sin. However, I don’t see you on a heaven bound mission for the cause of the cross speaking out against other “sin” as you do against homosexuality, where is the passion regarding masturbation, fornication, sodomy, incest, extra-marital affairs and divorce, which all runs rampant in the confines of the walls of the sanctuary of holiness let alone the world.

        You ask, “How do I work God and His law together with your desire for me to work within the homosexual agenda?” First, I do not desire a single thing from Wayne, and I do not have a “homosexual agenda”, I merely suggest you may wish to consider a revised path because you do have something to offer. Your voice, that is your passion, is currently being exhausted on hate crimes against the homosexual community, not unlike the Aryans who condemned Jews simply because they were different.

        Then you ask, “How do I justify the two opposing world-views?” In the first place, these are not “opposing world-views, although the world does have two views, the church/religious view is the one you are promoting and the opposed view is the one which says, homosexuality is not a “right”, it is a “choice”.

        Your response goes on to debate a right vs. wrong agenda of people vs. God. This is a theological debate, which has consumed much time throughout history and the wheel continues to spin. Unfortunately, nowadays most individual’s interpretation of the Bible is weak and few take the time to really delve into the meat and potatoes of scripture, merely taking passages for their face value, out of context, and applying them as they see fit. Our generation has become a self-fulfilling generation of Bible debauchers and belligerent boisterous mouthpieces for His cause.

        Wayne, when your response takes a dip towards martyrdom and abhorrence and you ask a barrage of ridiculous outrageous and outlandish questions such as, “Should I look the other way while more children are raped in the ‘name’ of tolerance of the ‘gay agenda?’ Should I ignore their hate? Should I join the opposition and LIE? Why are we programmed to believe lies? Why are the elite trying to ‘evolve’ our culture into the progressive super-culture?

        Well my friend, these are some wild and crazy accusations, which seem to be cries of a desperate individual grasping at the cosmos to attempt to convince an unsuspecting simpleton of… to tell the truth, I don’t really know what, exactly!

        You close with an interesting post-script inquiry, “Why is ‘puritanical’ a ‘bad’ word?” It is interesting that you took my saying you can get further “embracing a peoples [] and their ideologies… which will get you further than an abrasive and scornful puritanical attitude”, as “bad”. I never used the word “bad”. But since you did ask, puritanical, or the other descriptions associated with the word puritanical; chaste, straight-laced, strict, unrelenting, conforming, priggish, prudish, stuffy, bigoted, dogmatic, narrow-minded, and routine, are all very prestigious qualities of a person with a great character, but don’t get me wrong and please correct me if I am mistaken, but was is not the puritanical protestants who condemned 160 people of witchcraft in Salem, Ma and hung 19 and also buried one alive. So, what makes a great puritanical mind…?

        Okay, back to reality. Seriously, let’s get down to brass tact’s. Jesus never mentions homosexuality, I would think if homosexuality were a concern to God, Jesus would have made mention. If you wish everyone to follow every old and new testament law in the Bible, you better be prepared to be above reproach, you better be following all the commandments and laws at all times, all 613 (plus those additional ones open for interpretation). When someone ask for the same rights you have, considering the same constitution you follow, how can you, from a legal or civil perspective deny another citizen his or her legal right? You cannot, otherwise you are committing treason against your very own constitution and country! Lastly, God commands you to love your enemy, and Jesus forbade you to Judge!

        Dane Ladwig

      • Wayne says:


        Thank you for your reply.

        You have a great grasp of rhetorical skill, however, it would seem you only use your skill to defend the agenda which is damaging our society.

        I won’t spend time on all your straw-man arguments. Unfortunately, a search of my blog would have yielded you many answers to your spurious statements. But, that is what straw-men are good for – distraction.

        Because you consider me traditional, you outlandishly state my position is ‘outlandish’ and full of ‘hate.’

        I bet your great-great-grandfather and I would have agreed ….

        I have been assaulted by your nice well behaving homosexuals. I saw in Korea what their behavior did to normal soldiers.

        I have lived through part of this ‘peaceful’ agenda. And the agenda has a lot of negative behavior associated with it. I have written elsewhere about being assaulted, and I still thank God I was not a rape victim.

        The gay agenda is hateful towards children. The numbers I read are about 40 to 60 million (that is MILLION) Americans have survived rape. The studies I read indicated that homosexual pedophiles commit a larger number of offenses for their greatly smaller community. And that leads to around 40% to 60% of children abused by the ‘gay’ agenda.

        I do not want the ‘right’ to assault children. Nor should you or anyone else in this world.

        If you were reasonable, you would say something to the effect of, “OK, Wayne, I don’t know all that much about that. And you seem to have studied it enough that it is probably in the realm of reason. So, let us say that we will respect the rights of children to decide on their own time. And while we will ask for domestic partnerships for Gays, we won’t alter the traditional definition of marriage. And we will ask for the death penalty for all offenders (regardless of sexual orientation).”

        Instead, you bring up “Salem Witch Trials?”

        Now, I won’t spend time on all your straw-man arguments.

        First, ALL sin is sin. All wrong is wrong. I have addressed that here and here I addressed your assertion Jesus (God) did not address judging sin on earth.

        Just to be clear, adultery is WRONG, stealing is wrong, murder is wrong, yet self-defense is protected by my Religion and current US law. Ironically, they want to over ride the Constitutional protection of self-protection.

        But, again that is another issue and another distraction.

        You do bring up some good points. And you do make me practice my logic and rhetoric ….

        Thanks for the challenge,


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