How did right become wrong?


For the last 100 years, America has been programmed slowly and gently to believe right is wrong.

Why?  That would make this a purely philosophical question.

How?  This will make this a practical question.

Let me start with a story.

In college, a beautiful woman asked me if she could pierce my ear.  She actually asked (with a smile) if she could pierce my right ear (the signal of gay-ness).

She told me, “Wayne, if you let me pierce your ear, I will go out with you Friday night.”

She smiled, and she had me.  I was ready for her to pierce my left ear.  And then I heard, “Don’t forget me.  I want to go out with you too.  You can pierce my ‘right ear.'”

I couldn’t do that.

So, how did they change the meaning of our words?

First, they moved the discussion with emotion.  Just like the beautiful woman used her beauty, her smile, and turned on her ‘flirt,’ they use emotion.  Using emotion writers, speakers, and false-leaders have engaged people.  They taught us to be ‘accepting.’  At first, the progressive propaganda focused on legitimate issues.

But, slowly they infiltrated the political part of slavery and the Vietnam War.  They also infiltrated the so-called ‘conservative’ movement.  And they infiltrated academia, the media, and Hollywood.  They programmed our children to believe there was a better way than the old way.  They made children believe what they were taught, or they attempted to fail students who did not conform to their standard.

I failed to adapt.

Once they controlled the discussion and began using their propaganda to change definitions, they knew they were winning.

Then they took ‘right’ head on.  And they began changing what words meant.

By changing what words mean and by controlling the discussion, progressives re-defined wrong into right.  And they made right into wrong.

Using emotional rhetoric, bad logic, and their control of the media, they changed right into wrong.

Can we save America?  Or, is it too late?

Have the intelligentsia won?



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