Friends, WordPress is easy


WordPress is easy.

It is VERY easy to get a page up in a few minutes. I had my site up in minutes.

JOOMLA is difficult. I had a site up in seconds.

But, getting my site to look like I wrote it, is another story.

But, the cost factor is simple.

I have spent more than 100 hours providing FREE (as of yet – they have not paid their bill) consulting to WordPress.

They have terrible scalability issues. Why?

They started with GREED in mind.

Oh, they tell you it was for free. It was open source.

But, one of their recent attempts to fix all their problems showed immediately that their problem is GREED.

EVERYONE is having speed issues. So, support told everyone to go to Chrome – you only develop and test with ONE browser? CHROME? When Google has told everyone that they want all of your information, you would trust them to not take it off of your hard drive?


That DID NOT fix everyone’s problems, and I was still Chrome-free and spy ware free.

Then the GREAT REVELATION. Turn off adblockers …..

OK. I paid for that extra.

Turn it off, it is the problem. OK, you cannot turn off what is not on.

But, what does that tell me?

Bad programming from the start of wordpress was about GREED over scalability.

I will keep this example real simple, because most of my readers are not computer programmers. Those of you who are, you KNOW this is a simple illustration.

Level 0 program – WordPress software hosted at
Level 1 should be to decide whether to include ads.
Their level 1 is
Level 1 INCLUDE ads
Level 2 turn off ads — serious waste of computing power.

But, that is not the real issue. The real issue is that they ignored basic programming skills in order to MAXIMIZE GREED.

I won’t say NEVER DO THAT. But, if you want to be the biggest and best, and not ruin your company, NEVER DO THAT.

Our Government has over taxed people for decades – that is killing our economy.

Over taxing their software for GREED is killing WordPress.

Just go over to the support forums and look.

That is why their support forum cuts off after an hour. What did wonder-kid tell the world? What did he force on all of our blogs? The NEVER ENDING BLOG SCROLL?

Do you remember why?

Because this is the future of EVERYTHING?

So, why do they not practice what they forced on us?

Because of GREED, and market FEAR. They fear their failures being revealed to the world would cost them big MONEY.

“Happiness engineers?”

Have you tried to get a happiness engineer to make your problem happy?

Doesn’t happen.

They say, try a new computer, new browser, reboot (reboot? really? this is the WEB).

OK, didn’t work.

“Give it time and try again.”

What? Like if I give it time, HAL, or a Martian, will come to life and fix it?


What next?



About Wayne

First, I blogged on blogger, then Myspace - soon I was consistently ranked. Next, I quit. Then the blogging addiction came back .... Comments are appreciated. Not nice comments are edited. You can follow me at the top right.
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2 Responses to Friends, WordPress is easy

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  2. Hey, you can name your new blog spot…Wayne’s space, you know …like Wayne’s world. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Yours will be so much better than wordpress, don’t you think? Since you seem to be the expert on perfection. Let me know when it’s up and running. I’ll be the first to blog.

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