After SIX months, you would fix a lightbulb, right?


The Dreaded WordPress saga continues.

They have admitted that their software has targeted me.


This sounds like an Orwellian novel, or a Hitchcock Killer Thriller Movie. Or, 2012, Mayan predictions come true and WordPress destroys the World.

You would not believe some of the crazy things they tell me.

“Use Chrome as your browser, it works.”

OK? So, I think: But, the problem Chrome fixes is not the problem of your software attackign ME. And, if all the computer geniouses are supposed to be using Chrome, why can’t your computer geniuses FIX YOUR SOFTWARE?

Oh well …. maybe in the next HUNDRED years?

Then I will become HUGELY popular as a blogger in the year 2112.

I wonder, now to really get my mood – you have to pretend Michel Thomas’ Russian tapes are playing in your head, they are in mine. And that woman is saying in her strong British accented English over her Russian accent, “I wonder.”

It is a lilting accent.

Like a song you cannot get our of your head.

I wonder, if I will finally win WordPress blogger of the year in 2112? I think I will be famous!

Imagine? It was Luvsiesous which finally got WordPress TO WORK!


It is easier to fire up my company and build a better platform using joomla ….

So, they won’t fix their simple problem. And I build a better solution.

OK. Let us do it. We can build a blogging platform where BLOGGERS actually get to write world class blogs!

We will build the Enterprise class software that every company wants and needs.

We WILL build categories that are truly meaningful.

And put the ROCK STAR bloggers in their OWN category. So, everyone who wants to follow “OOOOooops new classified blog name” will go to the Rock Star section, instead of Korean Pop blogs being at the top of the news category.

And great blogs will not be picked because we are competing with the latest Tumblr, or Pinterest, or Facebook.

People will be able to blog for one reason – they actually are bloggers.

And a couple of other secret weapons ….

HEY I was a geek, and I now am a geek again ….

Let us fix that lightbulb. And while we are at it, we will fix the spammernator problem – which is really easy.

Follow me, we will fix the problem.

And Free Speech will not just be on the sidewalk, it will be across the Internet.



About Wayne

First, I blogged on blogger, then Myspace - soon I was consistently ranked. Next, I quit. Then the blogging addiction came back .... Comments are appreciated. Not nice comments are edited. You can follow me at the top right.
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One Response to After SIX months, you would fix a lightbulb, right?

  1. Are you still complaining?

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