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So far this week, we have read what Professors Philippe Even and Robert Molimard have to say against erroneous studies on the dangers of secondhand smoke and the social concern they have about smoking bans.

Today’s post features Professor John B Davies, head of Psychology at Scotland’s Strathclyde University. In 2010, he warned of the overarching socio-political consequences of draconian smoking bans — past and present.

The Nazi propaganda poster at left (courtesy of FORCES International) has not been used in error, as you’ll read below.

Danish journalist and songwriter Klaus Kjellerup found a Danish interview with Dr Davies. Emphases in violet in the excerpts below are mine as are a few edits to syntax:

“How far do we take this? When do we start saying that we deliberately presenting information in a misleading way to get people to change behavior? When does it begin to become unacceptable?”…

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