Is Jesus real?


This is a long argued story. The history of Jesus has been challenged for most of the last century or two.

But, for the previous 1800 to 1900 years, there was not argument about him being real.

Caesars believed he was real. Several Emperors even believed in him as Lord and God.

So, this modern ‘skepticism’ is really an exercise in futility.

It is like me telling someone, “Your grandparents never lived.”

They would look at me like I am crazy. But, because so much modern thought is ‘mystic’ rather than ’empirical,’ it passes as ‘reasonable’ thought.

But, ’empirical’ is the base of ‘modern’ thought isn’t it? If I cannot touch something, I am supposed to not believe in that thing.

This is the big part of the modern arguments for ‘Evolution’ and the ‘Big Bang.’ The ’empirical’ ‘evidence’ is what is used to say that Evolution is better than Creation Theory.

Notice the battle of the words there? The real battle is in the thoughts, not in what we can touch.

NO ONE has ever seen the Big Bang. Not even close. Although they claim they are trying to at CERN. NO ONE has ever touched Evolution from an Ape to a Man.

Not even close.

But, a true historic event really does stand between believing in Evolution and not believing in Evolution.


The Jesus story lends powerful credence to the Creation story. The story man has believed for thousands of years. Around 3400, to be more exact.

Tens of thousands of years.

If Evolutionists, and their fellow ‘scholars,’ the re-constructionists are correct, and Moses built his story on older stories, then the story of Creation might be truly tens of thousands of years old.

Isn’t it ironic?

They claim that their fictional stories are tens of thousands of years old, both for the Creation and for Jesus.

But, there is real evidence for the history of Moses and Jesus, and no history for their fictional ‘replacement stories.’


If there is supposed to be a better fiction upon which these two stories were built, then why don’t we HAVE them?

I have read most of the Enuma Elish, Gilgamesh, and many of the Egyptian myths.

The people telling stories based on these ‘myths’ have not read the stories.

I have not read many of the alternate ‘myths’ about Jesus. Because, they are all RECENT.

The more ancient ‘stories’ about Jesus are different. They are more like children’s fables. But, they do not show Jesus as just a man, or as a non-existent deity. They do support Jesus as a true and historical man.

And the best evidence shows that Jesus was crucified by the Romans.

Roman Emperors believed this history.

So, why the sudden discussion of the ‘real’ Jesus?

Because Jesus has power. And whenever something has real power, the imitators want some of that power for themselves. And they try to borrow, steal, or replace.

Those who claim to be part of the legitimate Christian ‘Priesthood,’ but are not part, borrow. Female Priests and Pastors. Gay Priests and Pastors. These borrow, and some start to cross into the next arena.

Some steal from Jesus. The Mormon Church does this. They take the Jesus of History and change him into their god. They try to steal his story and make their story.

Others try to replace Jesus. Some are like the Mormon Church and try to replace him with another god. Muslims are like this. So, are the ‘modern’ so-called ‘scholars’ who say the historic Jesus never lived, or was inaccurate. They try to replace the REAL Jesus with an imitation, or even remove him from history.

So, is Jesus real?


Do you believe in Jesus? I do not know. Nor, do I know how you believe in Him.

But, I do believe in Jesus. How? He is my Lord and my God.

Like Doubting Thomas said, “My Lord and My God.”

He converted from doubt to belief.

You may also convert from doubt to belief. I pray you do.

What do you think about Jesus?



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14 Responses to Is Jesus real?

  1. joesix says:

    It’s possible that a single man named Jesus Christ existed and pissed off a lot of rabbis at the time with his interpretation of the Bible, but it’s improbable he had all those superpowers. If the New Testament is proof enough for his existence and divinity, then Action Comics #1 will be proof enough for Superman in a few years.

    • Wayne says:


      Thanks for your comment!

      Next you will have me worshiping Superman at your church.

      OK, I think you used some great rhetorical skills badly.

      We cannot calculate the probability of Jesus, or the Big Bang. Yet, we (modern humans as a whole) believe

      IN BOTH.

      • joesix says:

        He saved the world countless times, rose from dead, and forgave his former friend and sworn enemy — that’s all on top of having the powers of invulnerability, flight, X-ray vision, heat vision, freeze breath, super strength, and super speed.

      • Wayne says:

        See? You are on a roll! Maybe Superman becomes the anti-Christ?

  2. limey says:

    Hi Wayne,

    Most of the evidence you recite for Jesus is other peoples testimony. There really isn’t any independantly verifiable physical evidence to back up those claims.

    Believing something because other also doesn’t strike me as being very thorough. For example, Roman emporors also belived in other gods. Should those gods too be counted as real? How do you determine who belived in what was real and who didn’t?


    • Wayne says:



      Well, There is no evidence of that nature that Obama was ever born.

      But, I believe he was.

      Do you?


      I agree. History is a beast. But, it is ironic that we say we have gone empirical, when all we have really done is gone extra-hyper-skeptical.

      There is NO reason to believe Jesus did not at least live and die.

      Whether or not he rose, might be a matter of faith – don’t you think?


      • limey says:

        I must confess Wayne, you’ve confused me with the Obama bit. Growing up photos, birth certificate, school records etc… Would all lead to the inescapable conclusion of being born. Not to mention the sheer fact he is alive now.

        As for Jesus actually existing, that evidence is not available. I think there is enough missing and counter evidence to genuinely question his existence.

      • Wayne says:


        Emperors verified that Jesus was born and died.

        You just have a computer cut and paste of Obama ….


        Honestly? The Roman Empire slaughtered thousands of Christians out of FEAR of Jesus.

        Don’t you really think that if they believed for one second that the answer was that he didn’t exist, they would have broadcast that loud, clear, and continuously as they killed off hundreds of thousands OK, I think it was tens of thousands. But, hundreds do sound better don’t they?

        And I would have answered earlier, but I am trying to back up my blog.

        WP went SQUIRRELY ….

        How have you been?

      • joesix says:

        Christians slaughtered thousands of Jews, Muslims, and pagans out of FEAR of their gods (or lack of), too.

      • Wayne says:


        Thanks for reading!

        Yes, Christians have done things out of fear.

        Of all of the ‘reports’ of Christian slaughters that I know about, Vlad

        The Vladimir, the impaler

        Is the only one that I know of with solid historical evidence. There seems to have always been media like the Globe around …..

        And in all fairness, Vlad did what he did because he wanted to stop the slaughter by the invading Muslim Army.

        He is now known best as ‘Count Dracula.’


        But, yes, Christians have done things out of fear.

        But, that is quite different than birth certificates ….


      • joesix says:

        Do know about the Spanish Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials? Did you hear this week about the guy who killed a 4 year old and his mother because he thought they were gay?

      • Wayne says:


        I did not hear about that.

        Christianity tells me that the fallen nature causes evil.

        What do you believe causes evil?


      • joesix says:

        “Evil” is relative, but behaviors that most of society considers barbaric are likely caused by severe mental disorders and narcissism.

      • Wayne says:

        Caused by? Interesting.

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