After reading this review of a book-review, I doubt E. O. Wilson’s latest work will make my reading list.

Our kind professor does a great job of describing a very deep book review in a light way.

I would say his review was probably more valuable than reading the book.


Why Evolution Is True

The latest issue of The New York Review of Books contains an appraisal of Ed Wilson’s new book, The Social Conquest of Earth, by Steven Mithen, a professor of archaeology at the University of Reading.  Mithen seems a strange choice given that he’s not an evolutionary biologist, but it turns out that his expertise enabled him to catch some errors that might elude most biologists. His review, “How fit is E. O. Wilson’s evolution?“, is behind a paywall, but sufficiently industrious readers can get a copy from me.

Mithen begins by touting the importance of Wilson’s 1975 book, Sociobiology: The New Synthesis, as a landmark in how we think about the evolution of behavior.  He’s right.  But after extolling the book, he gives a taste of what is to come:

. . . how marvelous it felt a few months ago to have received an email…

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