Why destroy America?


I know most of us see what is happening. But, it takes us a long time to believe what we are seeing. Each year is worse. Each generation is more ‘accepting’ than the generation before. Each generation is less loyal to family.

Each generation is abused more.

Each generation is less stable.

Each generation is fed more propaganda.

But, why?

WHY? take the manufacturing powerhouse that America was and destroy it? Why destroy the market we were?

Why did they risk the economic collapse of the entire world?


Because, they could.

Because, they could play with us like puppets on a string.

You have read my blog, most of you, you know I have NO loyalty to Progressive gods. And I have loyalty to Jesus Christ, the Savior.

But, why are there fewer of us resisting every generation?

Because, this is truly a spiritual war. It is not their power they play with. It is not our destiny here that they play with.

It is eternal. It is a long battle between right and wrong.

Some of the battles are little. Some are bigger. But, each battle is waged. Some are won, some are lost.

Honestly, each is won and each is lost. At the same time. One side gains and the other side loses.

But, why the social experiment disguised as an economic experiment? Because they could.

Trillions of dollars of our political tax money empowers them. Trillions of dollars of our economic money empowers them. Trillions of dollars of our Religious money is stolen by them, by fake men of God. Trillions more in the name of the god of ‘Hollywood.’

Trillions in the name of the gods of the ‘sciences.’

Give me a tenth of that money.

You would see better movies, stronger families, fewer divorces, less drug abuse ….

Lower taxes to pay for all the social problems encouraged by those NOT PAYING TAXES.

Instead of taxing the ‘rich,’ let us tax the ELITE who made the problems – I won’t follow that, but you know in your gut that is true.

Let us turn back towards family.

And if you can, let us turn back to God. The God who blessed America for 200 years. Even during the dark years during and following the ‘War of Secession.’

But, if nothing less, let us turn back to those principles which made America great, before we become the history note that Rome became.



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