Hispanics occupy Obama’s Campaign office.

Is the MSM reporting their dislike of the President?


Battleground Watch

UPDATE: The New York Times acknowledges the protest…barely.  It’s the second to last line in the article, but at least they mention it unlike the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal (in a story on Obama and Romney Courting Hispanics in Colorado no less!) who both had stories exactly on this issue but failed to mention the protest:

One group of students staged a sit-in protest last week at the Obama campaign office in Denver.

No mention of them shutting down his headquarters but it’s a start.

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Consistent with my complaints that news items discussing Hispanics and voter appeals from Romney and Obama always mention immigration problems for Romney but never deportation problems for Obama, Hispanic activists have taken matters into their own hands:

Two activists began a hunger strike inside a Colorado campaign office for President Barack Obama on Thursday to demand that…

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