The American Elite are destroying America


I notice that there is a huge divide in America. You have the rich, powerful, influential on one side surrounded by their groupies. And on the other side, you have self-made, usually God-fearing, people. Some of those people are rich.

But, the Elite attack the self-made men and women. They ask things like, “Shouldn’t the Rich pay more in taxes?”

Of course they should, and they do pay more.

What they do not talk about is how much is enough.

The Walker re-call election in Wisconsin showed that most American people are fed up with this fancy language attacking hard-working Americans.

They know, and we know, that the wealthy will NOT pay more. There are TOO many rich elite Democrats. There are more rich elite Democrats than rich elite Republicans.

Yes, there may be more rich Republicans, but they have not forgotten where they came from.

And that is a difference. The Elite do not care about the poor and downtrodden. They only care about power.

And because of that, they are willing to destroy America as long as they get MORE.

When the AVERAGE person on welfare can afford a cell-phone (usually an iPhone), an expensive cell-phone bill, cigarettes, lottery tickets, $200 a month cable TV, beer, and of COURSE McDonald’s …. we are paying more than just their cost of living.

And don’t forget the down and out are given free medical care.

When will the ELITE stop?

How much taxation without representation is ENOUGH?

I believe that America today is TOO MUCH.

Yes, tax the Rich and Elite more than the rest of us. But, 20% tax rate at the Federal Income Level is already on top of a 22% rate at the other levels.

I am sorry. I was paying 55% taxation rate – I included my insurance. And thank God, I had insurance. Because like the rest of the hard-working NON-elite, the GOVERNMENT FAILED ME. And they still STEAL 55% ….

I am sorry, if you can give people Big Macs and iPhones who never work hard and pay taxes, why can’t you take care of those WHO DO PAY TAXES?????


It is all about power.

There are no longer enough of us to VOTE AND MATTER to them.

So, the ELITE DESTROY US and the USA.

Quick someone! Hand me a beer, my blood-pressure is going through the ceiling!

Thanks for letting me rant once in a while. But, I HATE the ELITE destroying any chance that you and I can ever make it …. all in the name of taking from the rich (read that as ‘taking away the opportunity for the Middle-Class to succeed’) and buying votes from the ‘poor.’



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7 Responses to The American Elite are destroying America

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  2. Wayne says:


    Did I really make a mistaken statement? I must apologize. It is not like I mistook Our Lord and Savior as dead, never to rise again.

    But, I do apologize for thinking that all rich Republicans are self made. Many Rich Progressives are self-made. Soros made his wealth by bankrupting countries …. Now, he wants our money to spend on his projects.

    Can we agree his interests are not America’s interests?



  3. You make a statement of fact that all rich republicans are self-made. If this is true, I’ll have to reconsider a few things. Oh, and Wisconsin taught us one thing: money wins elections. Walker outspent Barrett 7 to 1.

    • Wayne says:

      Did he really?

      I guess you are not counting the Union money spent to import protestors ….

      If I wanted to change things and make it look like the people did it, I would ignore all that money.


      Don’t you think it is time for special interest groups, lobbyists, and the Elite to get out of politics?

      How about term limits and limits on spending?


      • I am counting all outside money, from the unions and others on Barrett’s side to the Koch brothers and others on Walker’s side. I try to see the big picture and not get all wrapped up in partisanship, though I am a liberal.
        I am in favor of special interest groups and lobbyists getting out of politics. Still not exactly who the elites are. We agree on term limits and limits on spending as well.

      • Wayne says:

        Well, during the vote on limiting the power of Unions, there was a HUGE inflow of external monies.

        Unions, Democrats, and others spent a lot of money up to getting Walker re-called.

        Then a lot of other American people decided that turn about was fair play. And they spent like Unions had spent.

        Maybe we can get rid of Unions out of politics as well.


      • exactly sure (sorry)

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