Is there any kitchen tool better than a salad spinner? I don’t think so.


The Simple Life of a Country Man's Wife


South Dakota gardening

We can’t eat it all! What a problem we face…

The garden has been growing  well; corn is up and the lettuce is aggressively producing.

While it’s been overwhelming to cut it before it overgrows and turns bad, the salad spinner helps quicken the process.

It dries the leaves so they don’t get soggy. It’s dishwasher safe, too.

I feel like this sounds like an infomercial right now.

But it’s not, it’s simply the truth and the most exciting thing going on right now. If you hate the slow process of drying your lettuce/berries, get yerself one of these.

There are four gallon bags and one large bowl full of lettuce and spinach in our refrigerator.

Perhaps the farm’s newest bottle calf – bringing my herd to a total of four – would help out with the high turnout green crop?

Probably not. He’s a milk and oats guy…

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