I don’t know about the data in this blog, but I love the political cartoon.

Not only is it satirical, it is TRUE.

How long has it been since satirists would dare to poke fun at a progressive puppet? Either the puppet master(s) are losing control, or they are losing patience with their puppet.

Allowing him to sweat a little might bring him back in line with their ultimate objectives.

But, I just pray Romney is a better President.

Enjoy the cartoon. I did.


The Busy Post

I surprisingly watched this….I don’t know what to call it.  It wasn’t a press conference.

Is he an idiot, or does he just play one on TV?

 The debate about President Obama’s horrendous public speaking is sure to continue its invasion of American dinner tables and barstools after Barry’s distracted stumble through his most recent White House press conference. The president’s verbal retardation was as apparent as ever, especially when asked if he felt he had “failed as a communicator” — not as a president, not as a leader, but as a communicator.

Ironically, in his response to accusations of ineffective and repetitive speaking, Obama predictably retreated to a formulaic tangent about his commitment to get the bad guys, punctuating it with anxious stammers, poor grammar, and his trademark deer-in-the-headlights stare. He finally conceded that, “Maybe I need to learn to communicate better.”

Gosh, do you really think so…

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  1. The data is accurate. I try to leave links to where I find it, I may miss 1-2.

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