A good blog on blogging


I stumbled upon a good blog about 5 reasons you should blog.  And I had one odd thought come into my mind, Isn’t it odd that a blogger would not have a reblog feature?

And then I thought about why a blogging site would not have a reblogging feature …. There must be a reason?  Well, I couldn’t think of a good one.

But, I did look at the company presenting the blog.  And I thought, I know them!  They say they provide pictures for my blog, but it hasn’t worked in months.

Sure enough, a quick look showed me that Zemanta is one of my tools.  But, it is a tool I do not use, because it does not work.

Well, still check out his blog.  He had some good ideas for why you should blog: 5 Reasons to blog.



About Wayne

First, I blogged on blogger, then Myspace - soon I was consistently ranked. Next, I quit. Then the blogging addiction came back .... Comments are appreciated. Not nice comments are edited. You can follow me at the top right.
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