Just write a check ….

Some times, I have to disagree agreeably with my opponents.

Friends, I hope this was one of those times. And while I don’t like his forgetting that we are in this current problem; because Clinton gave our economy away, we still have an insurance problem in the US.

We need to fix the problem in America.

And yes, it is one of MANY problems brought upon America by the PLAGUE of progressive politics and progressive politicians.

And yes, the Republicans are as guilty for allowing the Democrats to push through progressive agendas.

But, the reality is simple.


We have a problem.



Almost all other developed countries believe health care is a need that must be provided for their citizens. So why not us? Oh yeah.  They are socialist and we are not. They have higher taxes. Oh, yeah.

I got ill when I heard my Representative to Congress say that he didn’t understand the problem, that if his kid needed care and the insurance didn’t cover it, he would just write a check.  Steve Largent (pictured) was a better football player than politician and somehow, thankfully, he is not in politics now—but he was a football player, and in Oklahoma, that counts for a lot.  If he had played for the Sooners, he would have been elected governor.

We set up the rules making it all but impossible for an individual to acquire and keep health insurance on a long-term basis because we allow insurance companies to drop coverage when people…

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3 Responses to Just write a check ….

  1. petriesan says:

    Wayne, I was not trying to remove the donkeys from blame, but it really doesn’t matter How we got where we are; we are where we are, or, as POGO said, ” I have seen the enemy and he is us.”

    The king of universal health care was Nixon and Teddy Kennedy saud the worst mistake he ever made qwas in fighting with Nixon about it.

    The problem with health insurance—well one of the problems anyway—is that it is no longer insurance but a pre-paid system. When I started to work, the deductible was so large, I Seldom got any reoupment. HMOs were the first change. Now, well, I own parts of several businesses and have to deal with health insurance for a lot of folks. Because they are small businesses, we can get creative. In many ways, I am Billy. I have RA and cannot buy health insurance at any cost on my own—have not been able to since 1991.

    I do not know the answer, but something needs to be divined. There are a lot smarter people than me working towards an answer. I pray they find one.

    Thank you for reading and for reposting. If all people with differeing opinions were as cordial as you (especially in COngress), things would begin to get better

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