Every now and then, I must agree with Zakaria.

And this time, I agree. He is repeating what I said before the Iraq Invasion.

And the same arguments are being used against our argument.

“America must attack. Or, we will lose our freedom.”

We are losing our freedoms here, because we have progressives using “1984” as their guide book for taking over America and destroying us.

They are using fake news, new enemies, and old enemies magically becoming our new friends as they change the values of Americans to their values.

Sadly, they use our very freedoms, and the freedom of other people around the world, against us.

That is the saddest song.


Global Public Square

Every time the death toll rises in Syria, the question seems to get louder and louder: Should the U.S. use military force to remove Bashar al-Assad from power?

Fareed Zakaria isn’t so sure. Writing for Time magazine this week, he makes the case that sanctions and embargos are the way to go.

“It would be morally far more satisfying to do something dramatic that would topple Assad tomorrow,” Zakaria said. “But starving his regime might prove the more effective strategy.”

We opened up the debate on Global Public Square to see if readers agree with Zakaria. Many did, many didn’t, but there were interesting points made on both sides.

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