What should Greece teach American politics?


Greece has been bankrupt for about 4 years.

The EU has kept them afloat. They are trying to inflate a bankrupt system.


Well …. can you say economic enslavement?

It is simple.

If a government bows down to the political banking system and says, “We will enslave our people,” what protection does the people have from the banks?


I mentioned this earlier in a comment.

But, slaver in America was bad. But, it was not as bad as what is happening today.

Do a comparison for the average price for a slave and a cow in 1850 …. then compare that to today’s dollars.

Your math should scare you.


Because modern workers are undervalued. Greatly.

And that is why progressive politics appeal to me. I know the value of labor.

But, on the other side. I know the value of wealth.

And I know the power of politics.

And politics will win this battle. Politicians (I started to write leaders, but they are not leaders) will side with the bankers.




Remember the top 2% of the world’s wealthiest people live in AMERICA.

And they (the political elite) want us enslaved.

Think 1984.

George Orwell was right. They read him, and said, “He gave us the blue print to subjugate the people.”

And our autocrats are doing just that.

So, what should Greek politics teach us in America?

We are next.

Are you ready?



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