What is equality in Hollywood?


There is no equality in Hollywood.

Either you are a cheap whore, gay, or jewish or you ain’t welcome.

At least you are not welcome much.

I noticed real quickly that people trying to make it in Hollywood felt that they were discriminated against. And there wasn’t anything they could do. They were ‘aspiring’ actors and actresses.

Actresses posed for Playboy (9 out of 10).

Actors put up with their gay friends making passes at them (9 out of 10).

Most of the big Hollywood money is controlled by jewish families (maybe 8 out of 10).

So, if the rest of America is NOTHING like Hollywood, why does Hollywood get to control our direction?

Why do they get BILLIONS of dollars to spread their religion?

Give me billions, and I would make great movies everyone would like, and pay to watch.

I would be rich, everyone would be happier, and more people would enjoy life.

Instead we get hate, sex, and violence.

And we wonder why life is not imitating art?

I don’t.



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