East Texas


As you know from my previous post, “Chicken,” my cousins all listen to the Eagles. You kinda got to keep the music in the family, if you know what I mean.

So, how do you know you are in East Texas and not that imitator down around Houston?

Well …..

The ground tends to roll under you as you drive. The roads go up and down and sideways.

You can tell the roads was paved back when Cuz Patman was in the House. They even named a lake after Wright, and an air base. Although that one is in Ohio. I haven’t figured that one out.

Folks talk with a definite accent. If’n you know what I mean. We use some particular vocabulary.

Most folks just say we ‘drawl’ when we talk.

Back on the road, during the summer, you can smell the pines as you drive.

Summer in East Texas usually runs from the middle of March through the middle of November. That’s why my ‘baby brother’ won’t visit during those months no more.

He says it is HOT.

What do you expect?

It is East Texas. And you can smell the pines when they get hot and sweat.

And you can see the RED. The dirt turns colors. And most of those colors are a rusty-red. And the dirt is full of rusty-red rocks, gravel, and occasional boulders.

But, mostly you can tell because the people are right friendly folk.

If’n you don’t think we are friendly, you might not be welcome for long.




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