CNN reported that Islam endorses terrorism.

CNN reported that Islam endorses terrorism.

You really gotta love CNN. All these years they have written that only Islamic extremists endorsed terrorism. But, now they reported that the recent assassination of a cleric has dealt a blow to Islamic justification for terror.

Which way is it?

It is one way or it is the other.

But, until a thousand reporters are killed by terrorists, they won’t clean up their hate speech ….


And in my opinion, the terrorists would be doing us a favor.

What do you think?

Is it time news gets cleaned up and starts reporting the news again?

CNN Security Clearance

By Paul Cruickshank

Abu Yahya al-Libi is universally admired in jihadist circles and among the younger generation of al Qaeda leaders.  Charismatic, intelligent, a religious scholar — and with the extra qualification of having escaped from U.S. custody in Afghanistan — his loss is “a cataclysmic blow” to al Qaeda, according to analysts who follow the group.

Al-Libi was the target of a U.S. drone strike this week, a U.S. official tells CNN’s Barbara Starr.    A U.S. official told CNN’s Pam Benson that al-Libi is dead.

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In recent years, al-Libi emerged as one of the terrorist network’s most important clerics and propagandists, appearing in countless videos. By most accounts, he was effectively al Qaeda’s deputy leader. And his Libyan nationality is important to an organization that after the elevation of Ayman al-Zawahiri as leader was vulnerable to criticism…

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