Evil leads to greater evil.


A man is being hunted for cutting up his room-mate. (I think I got that right).


The more we ‘experiment’ with evil, the more evil we cause. As a culture, we are responsible for allowing the pornography, hyper-sexualization, adultery, homosexuality, divorce, abuse, drugs, and alcohol which are destroying our culture.

But, we say ‘in the name of freedom’ the same ‘freedom the Founding Fathers believed in.’

Trust me, they did not believe in destroying culture.

They believed in fighting to preserve culture.

If my ancestors (among the Founding Fathers) were still here, we would be in the middle of the Revolution again.

What the progressive leadership has done to this world is as disgusting as it is evil.

Children and women have little chance of a normal life. Men are miserable. No one thinks this is working.

OK, no one normal thinks it is working.

EVIL IS EVIL. And it is time we started locking them up, executing them, setting a proper example for the rest of us.

But, what scares me more than the current evil?

Are you guessing yet?

One, we do not have a full-blown Revolution against the evil Elite.

Two, by the time The People begin to respond, the Elite will have such a tight control on the country, no one will be able to fight their evil.

They cause the evil. They set the rules. They get rich.

We the People suffer. We pay their bills. We try to re-set the rules, and they over-throw our rules.

My ancestors did not think this would happen. A second time.

What did your ancestors think?



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4 Responses to Evil leads to greater evil.

  1. Wayne says:

    Again Joe, most Religions explain ‘why’ humanity is failing. Why we are deteriorating. Why we are de-evolving.

    And no, I am not any more infallible than my ancestors. But, they, and I, believed humanity was best led by ancient texts which had stood the test of time.

    But, they, and I, did not want a single leading Religion to dominate. We had lived under that under the Crown. And we were imprisoned as Baptist Preachers. That is the SPECIFIC reason the First Ten Amendments were added. And it is why the First Amendment was about Religion and speech.


  2. joesix says:

    I don’t see how the Canadian guy was tempted into dismembering his roommate because of progressive culture. On the other hand, here’s a clear case of a woman eating her infant son’s brain because of religion: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2009-07-27-baby-killed_N.htm

    As for the Founding Fathers, they may have supported stem cell research and bringing back Arrested Development, for all we know. As much as we may idealize them today, we can’t ignore the fact that they had just as many political squabbles as we do today, and created a country that still left blacks and women completely disenfranchised.

    • Wayne says:

      Again you are using hate metaphor for your purposes.

      I chose to read the history as it was. Liberating for those it could liberate at that time.

      But, not intended to liberate those who were not enslaved.

      And the woman is a clear example of Satan alive an well.



      • joesix says:

        So, once again, you’re the only one who knows how to interpret historical texts the way they’re supposed to be interpreted. Why can’t we just accept the founders of this country were fallible humans of the 18th century just as we’re fallible humans of the 21st century?

        The woman is a clear example of schizophrenia.

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