What is love?


I have noticed that we often mis-interpret words. The word most mis-interpreted, in my humble opinion – IMHO, is ‘love.’

Why ‘love?’ Why not war? Why not politics? Why not money? Why not wrong? Why not what is right?

Everything of importance flows from love.

Does it not?

Can you have hate, without a lack of love?

Can you have right without love as a component?

Think about that. If I help my fellow-man, and I do not love him, did I really help him? If I feed the homeless man, and I do not love him, did I really feed him? Or, her?

If I am on a jury, and we convict a child-molester of murder. Then we sentence him. We sentence him to death for his actions, and we the jury hate him, but do not love him, is our judgement just? Or is it hate?

I believe that to lovingly judge and sentence a murderer to death is loving. I am telling the murderer, “You will soon meet God. You need to get right with him, or you will spend eternity in judgement.”

But, if I sentence the same man, “Because you are evil, I want you DEAD.” I HAVE TOLD HIM NOTHING.

That is not love.

That is merely my need for control. It is my need to hate.

Both are without love. Both flow from a broken heart …. a heart devoid of God’s love.

And apart from God’s love, there is only judgement.

And only God should judge. True judgement should only come from God.

Am I wrong?

What do you think?



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