What is family?


As often as family is attacked today, what is in family?

What is it about family that has been important to humanity for thousands of years?

What ‘evolved’ as a definition for family? And why is that important? Why is it important to us today?

Isn’t family a survival unit? A teaching unit?

If family units were so important to us for thousands of years, why are we taught they are not important today?

What changed?

I believe the elite changed.

As they felt a need for power and control over the masses, they began to change the very fabric of societies and our society in particular.

No longer did they want power at the level of the people. And isn’t that what family is? It used to be that women influenced the men on how to vote. They (the elite) decided that was not good.

For whom?

Studies show that married women vote conservatively, not progressively. So, what was the change they wanted? Did they want women to vote?


They wanted women to be single.

Single men and single women are NOT family. They are a mob. And mobs behave differently. That has been known for thousands of years. That is why all great societies have molded themselves around family. And when family has ceased to be important, all great societies fail.

That is what I believe. What do you believe?


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  1. This is an interesting post!

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