“Kill a politician for mommie.”


I remember when young Americans were taught to “Kill a commie for mommie.”

Ironically, that was ok. As long as the elite thought it was OK. Hyperbole for the sole purpose of brainwashing the masses is a scary thing. But, let us apply some hyperbole back upon them.

Let us exaggerate and see if exaggeration applies to them better than exaggeration applied to others?

Sadly, I think we were misled. We should have been taught to do what our forefathers did. We should have been taught like the communists were taught, “Kill the elitists.”

Don’t you think brainwashing is hazardous to us?

Why is it we are fed propaganda?

Why aren’t we allowed to be free … free indeed?

I know I blog on this topic. And I know the reality is rather clear. But, it is ironic that family, which has led mankind forward for thousands of years, has been constantly attacked for the last hundred years.

We are brainwashed to believe that some men were bad to their wives, so all women must ‘be set free.’

I have lived where that is definitely NOT TRUE. Women LOVE the bonds of family and their men.

Are some men bad?

Most certainly.

But, when I see over 90% of the women HAPPY, I have to wonder if the United States has been successful when less than half of our women are truly happy.

So, I say, “Kill a politician for mommie.”

And some reporters and professors.

What do you think?

How long would they continue to prey upon America?

How long would it be before America was truly free again?



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