iPhone is better than Android


Sadly, most technical reviews out there are paid advertisements. And I think it even can be seen in reviews by the supposed ‘not for sale’ reviews by some of the ‘consumer’ advocates.

I have had my iPhones for about 5 months. I purchased an Android at the same time. And I took it back.


It was difficult to set up.

I had been an administrator on Linux. So, I thought it should be simple to use. Apple was becoming simple to use, so why not Android.

It took at least twice as long to configure as the iPhone. I configured them side by side. I had no iPhone experience. And I had little Mac experience.

I blogged about that before.

But, I just configured ‘FaceTime.’ On this computer. I was immediately able to call my cell-phones with FaceTime. Both phones are on ‘air-line’ mode. Yes, they are connected to ‘wi-fi.’ But, not to any cellular network. But, I called the number.

For free.

A free international call.

Just imagine what it would allow you to do in the states?

Just saying. I think iPhone is seriously underrated.

What do you think?



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