Why did Homosexuality evolve?


Why is there such a strong push to say that the Bible DOES not condemn homosexuality?

Because they know it did not evolve.

So, they attack the other current cultural authority.

First, the agenda took over psychiatry. They took over education. And they gained control of most of hollywood and the media.

The two strong cultural authorities left are related.

Natural law – that feeling which has led cultures for centuries.

And God’s law.

There is NO evolutionary support for homosexuality. Weakness in men or women gains our species nothing.

Could we be devolving instead?

Yes, but that supports God creating man, and then rebellion to God’s plan led to man deteriorating, not the species getting better, because we evolved from pond slime.


Which plan explains the current state of mankind?

God’s plan that we deviated from? Or evolving from pond slime so men and men together would not allow the species to survive?

I vote for man falling from God’s plan ….



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2 Responses to Why did Homosexuality evolve?

  1. Simple Theologian says:

    Very true…

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