When we dismiss God, we get scared


I have lived long enough to learn this moral is a great moral in every story.

Fear is the absence of God’s Love. (1 John).

We rebuke God. We dismiss his Love. We turn our backs upon God and follow false gods ….

even Obama ….

Every leader leading away from God is a false leader.

And there have been many through the centuries. For once, no one remembers history’s failures ….

No one remembers that Adolf turned upon God, and God sent victory to America and her allies …. study the history.

Nor, Napoleon? His millions were defeated by the snow ….

Even Alexander the Great suffered defeat …. in his drunken rage, he murdered his tutor.

But, the Jews outnumbered were delivered.

America outnumbered and outgunned, with our navy in flames, won because God gave us the victory.

When we have God’s courage in us, we are victorious. Love conquers all. And God’s Love creates love in us. His Love delivers us.

I believe that.

I am:



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