ABC News Propaganda


ABC news just covered all of the unrest in Chicago ….

And the ‘cute’ reporter started soft selling what was happening.

How do you soft shoe terrorists, riots, and unrest?

How do you make it sound like a party?

And then they put a great spin on pulling out of Afghanistan?

It will be comforting to military families. We will finally pull out, and everyone has been waiting for a long time.

BUT WE ARE NOT OUT. Not even close.

Bizarre. News? NO! Propaganda?


Enough to make you (me) sick.

How about you?

Are you tired of media being nice to terrorists? Calling them freedom fighters? Instead of murderers?

Every time the ‘freedom fighters’ kill some reporters, they start calling them terrorists and murderers again …

Maybe someone need to kill off some of the propaganda writers so we can get some real news?

It is sad that it takes them becoming part of the real world instead of part of the elitists agenda to get them to report the news …..

What do you think?



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